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Townspeople to take over Silsden library

A community attempt to take over the threatened Silsden Library began in earnest this month. Local councillor Adrian Naylor has revived his recruitment campaign for a team of volunteers to run the library in the town hall. Bradford Council has

Councillors consider taking on buildings in Silsden

Councillors consider taking on buildings in Silsden 9:00am Saturday 3rd August 2013 Councillors and community groups have made a fact-finding visit to the Bradford-Council owned buildings in Wesley Place, Silsden. They wanted to find out how much refurbishment work was

Wesley Place and The Library

Wesley Place (and the side of the library) The long building used to be the Wesley Sunday School, but in latter days was used as a day centre and a part for used as offices by a transport company (the

Town Hall refurbishment to make it disabled compliant

HISTORY In 2012 the idea was muted that Silsden Town Hall should be made disabled compliant. This was thought to be an excellent idea when proposed (by Councillor Mallinson – Ward Councillor) to a group of the local History Group

Town Hall and Wesley Place pictures taken 5/4/13

Pictures of the Town Hall and Wesley Place taken 5 March 2013  

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