First of six new litter / dog poo bins

CIMG2008aSilsden is like like many other towns and villages where  dog mess has long been a problem.  Many of the bins have been sited in the wrong place, but with the help of children from Aireview the situation will soon be improved.

This is the first of six new dog poo / litter  bins with the posters designed by the children at Aireview School.

This bin is at the school gates, the Town Council gave prizes for the winning designs in a competition launched by the Mayor Chris Atkinson.

Hopefully dog owners will take advantage of the strategically placed bins.



2 comments on “First of six new litter / dog poo bins
  1. Peter Speak says:

    That’s a good result, do we know where the other bins will be sited?
    We need one on the south side of the park

  2. les h matthews says:

    that kid in the middle looks a bit old for that class?

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