Neighbourhood Plan for Silsden and Steeton-with-Eastburn

Call for Sites: Silsden and Steeton-with-Eastburn.

The Local Councils of  of Silsden and Steeton-with-Eastburn have joined forces to create a neighbourhood plan, setting out the joint vision for the two communities into the future. The aim of the plan is for the people of the two communities  to influence where future development for housing, community use and employment will be situated.

The actual figures for development such as number of housing units cannot be radically altered but the neighbourhood plan can affect where development takes place and the style of any development.

It is an opportunity for local residents and businesses to influence the future of their community and built environment. To this end, public consultations have already taken place and the findings fed into the draft plan.

As a further step, the Councils’ Neighbourhood Plan Working Group need to know where potential development sites are situated within the two Parishes, to be developed up to the year 2030. Potential developers and residents are to be invited to suggest sites, on a more formal basis, to the clerk of the working group.  Forms can be obtained from: The Clerk, Steeton-with-Eastburn Parish Council, 35 Kings Mill Lane, Settle, BD24 9FD; tel 01729 825944; or by email from:

A formal public notice regarding the Call for Sites will be published in local papers on Thursday 3 June and the closing date for submissions will be 21 July 2015.  It must be noted that all submissions will be in the public domain, and not treated as confidential.


Rosie Sanderson, Clerk   01729 825944

David Mullen, Chairman Steeton, Eastburn and Silsden Neighbourhood Plan Working Group

01535 654634



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