The History of Rugby in Silsden

The following information was kindly provided by Rob Grillo

SILSDEN (1) The original Silsden rugby team was said to have been formed in 1883, although the first fixtures located in the local press were in the 1884-85 season. They first played at Daisy Hill, playing in blue & white jerseys, before moving to a field called the ‘Wyveries’ on Skipton Road. A later move was made to Keighley Road, which they vacated until their demise and which has since been used by the village soccer team.

1893-94 Yorkshire No.3 competition

1894-95 Yorkshire No.4 competition (a renamed No.3 competition),

1895-96 Yorkshire No.3 competition,

1896-98 Yorkshire No.2 Competition, the second season of which they finished bottom of the table.

1898-99 Were to have played in Yorkshire No.2 Competition (Bradford section), but played friendly fixtures only.

1899-1900 Bradford & District Junior League

1900-01 Bradford & District Junior League – now NORTHERN UNION

Possibly dormant 1901-02, playing some friendly fixtures 1902-03.

Honours: Keighley Charity Cup 1889-90, 1890-91,

(2) Reformed in 1921, and known also as Silsden Northern. Ground on Hainsworth Road. Disbanded May 1963.

1921-22 Bradford & District League (Junior Division). ‘A’ team played in the Intermediate Division of this league

1922-24 Bradford & District League

1924-25 Yorkshire Senior Competition

1925-30 Bradford & District League (open age/junior & intermediate sections)

(1922-30 ‘A’ team in Keighley & District League)

1930-32 Leeds League (also ran teams in Bradford & District Lge)

1932-34 Bradford & District League

1934-35 Leeds League (also ran teams in the Bradford & District League)

1935-37 Bradford & District League

1937-38 Initially played friendlies, then joined a new Keighley & District League (Junior Division) which was formed early in 1938

1938-39 Keighley & District League (Junior Division)

1939-46 Closed down for the duration of the war

1946-47 Halifax & District League (took over the fixtures of Hunslet Engineering Company)

1947-48 Bradford & District League

1948-53 Bradford / Keighley League

1953-55 Keighley & District League

1955-56 Keighley / Dewsbury League

1956-57 Dewsbury League (withdrew in November 1956)

1957-62 Bradford League (actually resigned from league early in the 1961-62 season. Officially wound up May 1963)

Honours: Bradford & District League: Champions 1929-30, Intermediate Division 1929-30, League Cup 1926-27,

Keighley Cup 1949-50, 1951-52, Keighley League 1929-30, 1937-38, 1952-53, 1955-56, Keighley League Medal Competition 1953-54,

‘A’ team honours: Bradford League: Supplementary League Cup 1921-22,Keighley League 1925-26,

(3) Reformed in October 1978. Ground at ‘The Arena’, Silsden Park, although early games were played on a number of fields in the village. Played in the Pennine League from the 1979-80 season until their merger with Silsden Rangers in the summer of 1992.

Honours: Silsden Shield 1985-86, 1986-87

SILSDEN RANGERS – (1) Informal side operating in the 1887-88 season.

(2) Formed as a breakaway from Silsden in 1984, playing alongside their rivals in the Pennine League. A number of grounds were used, notably the Drabble House Field, one on Keighley Road, and from the 1991-1992 season at South Craven School, Crosshills. Re-merged with Silsden for the 1992-93 season.

Honours: Tommy Holmes Cup: 1986-87, Silsden Shield 1987-88, 1988-89,

SILSDEN PARK RANGERS – Formed when Silsden & Silsden Rangers amalgamated in the summer of 1992. Have played since then in the Pennine League.

Honours: Tommy Holmes Cup: 1997-98, Pennine League Division 4 2000-2001,

SILSDEN YOUTH CLUB – Appeared in the 1959-60 season, when they played fixtures against other local under 19 sides. Disbanded around 1962

Reformed 2015 (as under 9 yrs team)

More detailed information about the history of rugby league in Silsden can be found in the book “The Story of Rugby League in Silsden” by Steve Pyrah

The above information was kindly provided by Rob Grillo, for more information please visit Rob’s website



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