Town Hall Steering Group minutes 26 June 2013

Re MinsSteeringGroup_26June2013

Works on the exterior are to commence on week commencing 1st July. This will not affect the internal use of the hall. The hall will close after Gala Day on the 29th July 2013. It will be closed for a period of 13 weeks and will reopen on Monday 28th of October 2013.

Agreed that the hall should be branded ‘Silsden’ rather than in CBMDC Corporate Colours. Any signage to have tonal qualities to provide for persons with impaired vision. SG is to agree signage etc before it is commissioned.

It looks like the Steering Group are making it up as they go along with little regard to the history of the building. Please take a minute to look at the names on this group who are representing the interests of Silsden.

“Silsden Town Hall” is to be rebranded Silsden ?????

… and the minutes of this group will be renamed to Silsden Steering Group!!!!


General Emergency Evacuation Plans GEEP’s and Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans PEEP’s are required to ensure safe evacuation from the premises prior to the premises re-opening after refurbishment.

Hire the refurbished “Silsden” at your own risk after 28 October 2013 because YOU will be responsible for the safety of the people within the building.

There is no caretaker employed to look after this building.




The future management/running of the hall is to be considered at a later meeting when draft documentation will be produced showing the potential governance and roles and responsibilities.

It looks like Bradford will be washing their hands of the running of the building as well.





However the kitchen will look very nice as that seems to be sorted.

8kitchen 8 kit plan 7kitchen 6kitchen




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