Bradford Council proposes new traffic orders for Silsden

A traffic order is being advertised in Silsden recommending:

No waiting at any time on two lengths of Bradley Road and No waiting at any time on two lengths of Belton Road and four lengths of Keighley Road.

These intended restrictions for Bradley Road relate to its junction with Skipton Road.

The planned changes at Belton Road and Keighley Road would affect the junction of these roads and a stretch of the northbound lane of Keighley Road as it passes the sports fields.

Craven Ward Councillor Adrian Naylor said he welcomed the traffic orders.

“These have been asked for, for some considerable amount of time,” he added.

“The yellow lines meant for Bradley Road and Skipton Road are to stop cars parking at that junction in order to improve visibility and safety.

“But it needs enforcement. You can have as many yellow lines as you like, but it won’t make a difference unless you have someone there to issue parking tickets.”


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