Grand Départ 2014 Businesses

“Once in a lifetime event”

This cycle race is organised by Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO) one of the biggest media and sports organisations in France. Tour de France 2014 Ltd is managing the event.

The final route will be announced 23 October 2013 but is now 99% certain.
Businesses in the Silsden area should now be preparing for this opportunity.

“Welcome to Yorkshire” and Bradford Metropolitan District Council are now accelerating their preparations and are available to help. The following notes are from their last advisory meeting.

Leading up to the race and on the weekend of the race there are business opportunities for tea rooms, coffee shops, cafes, restaurants and pubs.
People will be at the roadside for up to 6 hours before the race comes through.
The (carnival) sponsors’ cavalcade will take about three hours to process before the race.
Restaurants etc. should warn pre-booking customers of travel difficulties or change their style of service to be open all day for customers viewing the race. If your cafe or restaurant is on the route this is an added opportunity. Please remember the race comes through Silsden on a Sunday.

Businesses providing accommodation should have a 2014 calendar on their websites as soon as possible.
Be prepared to stock up in anticipation.

Farmers may want to have events, e.g. music, on temporary campsites. Camper vans arrive up to 3 weeks before the event.
Planning has been relaxed for the period but Bradford MDC must be informed.
Event notification forms at

Addingham is visted twice by the race. Silsden is only three miles away.
Addingham will be landlocked for two days. Silsden will be landlocked for one day.
Visitor parking: Field owners must notify Bradford MDC if they creating a carpark.
A carpark may be useful for residents who need to get out of Silsden as well as visitors.

Other businesses should let people know via their website that the tour is passing by – customers could be cyclists. Businesses should make sure their websites are up to date. Use the tour to attract new custom.
Do you make jackets? Knit sweaters? Sell chain oil? Print leaflets? Update websites? You know how your business can gain from this event.

If your business is sited on the side of the route you also have advertising opportunities
for the lead-up period.

Farmers and businesses are requested to tidy their yards.
The passing helicoptors will pick on interesting and attractive sites.

Please be cautious:
It is not a good idea to increase prices too much. Londoners will stay in a cheap area (such as Liverpool)
and travel by train. The suggestion is to price accommodation at a rate which will attract custom for the race and for future visits to Yorkshire. Visitors may already be visiting Yorkshire to plan their attendance at the race.

Use of logo.
ASO is very particular about protecting its brand property. Welcome to Yorkshire is trying to get an associated logo.
Businesses cannot use logos including yellow / French / cycle symbol.
If a business wants to adopt a logo they should consult Welcome to Yorkshire.

It is not possible to sell something such as “come and do the route” for a price.
Be careful how you word your advertising.
Think positively. It is possible to recognise the event on your delivery van (or boats), your packaging or even the inside walls of your shop or cafe e.g. Paint one wall yellow, one green and one white with red polka dots. Have hanging baskets outside your property on the route in yellow or red, white and blue.
It is suggested that before you make any financial outlay you consult Bradford MDC.

Mike Powell: Emergency planning, Bfd. MDC
Darren Badrock: Highways, Bfd. MDC
Silsden Town Council

Please remember, there will be extensive road closures.
If your business normally works on a Sunday e.g. church services, taxis, supplies and delivery, driving schools, sports fields, filling stations, ice cream vans, etc. etc. please be aware of the effects on your business.

Please refer to the websites of Welcome to Yorkshire, the Grand Depart, and Le Tour de France

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