Grand Départ 2014 party time?

The weekend of 5 and 6 July 2014 is an opportunity to promote history, geography and the town of Silsden.
A script is created by the organisers covering the iconic views and historical notes. This is given to every media company. Relay is via 121 TV channels.
If you have useful facts about the history of Silsden, its economy, its churches or its position in the countryside please tell Welcome to Yorkshire and the Town Council.

Bradford MDC and Welcome to Yorkshire ask that everyone shows their property and town at its best. Please be tidy, show off your garden flowers, clean your yards and don’t drop litter.

94% of watchers are in family groups. Children will want bicycles and training – please be prepared. Schools and families may want to use the tour to teach children about road safety and cycling proficiency.

If you are thinking of having a party, organising an entertainment or doing a club activity or presentation please be aware of the nature of the tour. It is a massive international event.
If you are making plans please liaise with other groups to ensure there is no conflict of sites, times or activities.
Bradford needs to know your plans for large activities in order to prepare for emergencies – not just your own but access to nearby places. The usual ambulance and fire engine routes will not be open.

Notify Silsden Town Council and Bradford Council:
Mike Powell: Emergency planning, Bfd. MDC
Darren Badrock: Highways, Bfd. MDC

Please remember, there will be extensive road closures. These closures will limit some of the things you can do and people’s access to your event. The (carnival) sponsors’ cavalcade will take 3 to 3.5 hours to process before the race.

Saturday may be the best day to hold entertainments and activities in Silsden.

Sunday will be the day to have your novel idea on view for helicopers – an opportunity for clubs and groups. Past tours have had ‘bicycles’ made of hay bales, tractors, horseriders or cyclists. Clubs have danced, rowed, kayaked or got on their motor bikes. The opportunities for your imagination are endless. Seek permission to use fields, sports fields and the park.

Sunday: The cycle race starts at York and finishes at Sheffield, passing through Silsden. Probably at about 40mph. The race is expected to come over Cringles from Addingham, down Bolton Road, along Kirkgate and then follow Keighley Road to the Aire Valley road. The route will be signed every 200m before the event.
Areas which may prove interesting will be at the bottom of Bolton Road and over the canal bridge. The finalised route will be announced and put on Le Tour de France website 23 October 2013.

The route will be ‘sterile’ for 2 to 3 hours before the event. Vehicles left on the route will be removed. The route will probably be closed before 06.30 on Sunday 6 July.
People will be at the roadside for up to 6 hours before the race comes through.
There will be designated crossing points on the route which may not be the zebra crossings in use daily.

Residents will need to sort out their parking needs before the event.
If you wish to travel by vehicle to the event you will have to do it the day before, or overnight at least. People will walk as far as five miles to get to the climbs on the route of the race.
If you are travelling on the weekend of the race you will need to plan departures for holidays away or work. Taxis will not be able to move as normal. If you have guests planning to visit they will also have to consider travel to Silsden.

Cautions : Use of logo.
Welcome to Yorkshire is trying to get an associated logo.
You cannot use logos including yellow / French / cycle symbol.
If you want to adopt a logo for your entertainment you should consult Welcome to Yorkshire.
Mike Powell: Emergency planning, Bfd. MDC
Darren Badrock: Highways, Bfd. MDC

Future meetings to be held by Welcome to Yorkshire and Bradford Council.
2 November 2013 : Burley in Whafedale
1 February 2014: Victoria Hall, Keighley
Plus another date nearer the race weekend.

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