Silsden – Life Box is installed ready for first defibrillator

The life Box; which is the correct name for the box, which will contain the defibrillator when we receive it. It has been secured to the wall of the St James Church Hall to the right hand side of the entrance door.

IMG_3114Once the defib is installed the box will be secured by a key code lock. Anyone who rings the ambulance service with an emergency, which the service believe requires a defib machine, will be told where the box is and they will be given the code to access the defib. An electricity supply has been connected to the the box to allow for a heater to operate in the event of the outside temperatures falling below ten degrees.

The ambulance service will stay on the line and advise the person, who is with the patient, what to do until the ambulance service arrives to take  over the patient care.

We are expecting  the defibrillator will be delivered in the next couple of weeks, and it will be brought into service as soon as possible.


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