Town Hall Steering Group minutes 16 Oct 2013


SilsdenTownHall_Steering_Group_Minutes_16-10-13 – the complete minutes of the meeting

Welcome and Introductions

 Works are progressing well and on schedule in accordance with the programme plan.The hall will definitely be open for the Christmas Market but may need to close for approximately one week after to complete any snagging etc.Undercoat has started going on the wall in some areas.

The new lights have been ordered for the main hall including down lighters and up lighters.

The ground floor windows are currently being refurbished.

The new fire escape is being erected.

New radiators are being fitted in the former bar area.

A new hot water system is being installed to service the kitchen and bar area.

The gables are being refurbished above the old ceiling height.

A storage area is being created accessible from the ground floor ladies w.c.

The Library furniture is going to be ordered imminently.

A refurbished white board is to be installed in the meeting room.

Pin boards are to be fit around the walls of Dining Room and painted to match, these will be used for art exhibitions etc.

Concern was raised regarding the scheme in relation to disabled access in particular the width of the downstairs disabled w.c. which will be 150mm (6”) narrower than the

Disabled access concerns

minimum width recommended for disabled persons in Part M of the Building Regulations for new build. Other concerns were made regarding compromises that have had to be made due to the age of the building which it was thought may make it unsuitable for persons in wheel chair. This will be locally managed through the establishment of appropriate procedures.

Concern was expressed how the upper floor may be unsuitable for persons in wheel chairs because of fire safety reasons.  This will be locally managed through the establishment of appropriate procedures.

NSG confirmed that the building is now safer with the installation of a new fire alarm, fire compartmentalisation, safety glass and lighting on windows on fire route from the rear, new fire escape.

..pram parking?

It was pointed out that there is a need for a pram parking area so that these do not clutter the fire escape route and create a hazard.  The project team will work to identify suitable space and to ensure that awareness is raised with building users and managed locally as required.

Details and Finishes:

Concern was expressed over the use of burgundy as a block colour on the walls of the

the colour scheme!

main hall. NSG thanked those who had raised this concern, the interest and comments were welcomed by the Project Team.  Following the receipt of comments the colour schemes had been reviewed by the Team and the Council’s Architectural Designer.  NSG distributed to the meeting a colour palette with proposed colours, these included shades of cream for the ceilings of the main hall and walls throughout. Burgundy is now proposed for the accent colour to woodwork in the main hall on the first floor which will match the theatrical curtains.

Green is proposed as an accent colour for the ground floor which has been picked up from the terratso floor in the hallway. The group expressed their opinion that the green should be kept quite light as darker greens can be a cold colour.  All agreed.

Vinyl  coverings are suggested to be green/cream although concern was expressed that this needs to be a warmer bolder colour and not too light as this will show up marks more easily.  Project team to review and confirm at next meeting.

Any Other Business

firedoor security

It was suggested that an alternative method of securing external fire doors be used rather than padlocks as if users forget to take these off the building is dangerous.

SM agreed a review would be undertaken and the expertise and advice of the Council’s Compliance Officer would be sought and adjustments made according to his specification.

free fire exits?

Concern was expressed that the door to the area of land at the rear of the fire doors could be blocked by cars parking at the other side of the door. NSG agreed to review the issue and to take appropriate action to resolve.

Access was requested to the building to view the changes and storage requirements. NSG pointed out the building was covered by the Construction Design Maintenance (CDM) Regulations and that only authorised persons wearing Personal Protected Equipment (PPE).   All agreed that storage would be reviewed after the opening to ensure that provision was suitable to meet needs.

NSG is to meet with Public Halls and Libraries to discuss how the building is to be used safely, fire precautions, training for users and responsibilities.

The date of the next meeting was not discussed a provisional date subject to agreement is the 20th of November at 5:00 p.m. in Silsden Town Hall! All of the building users prior to the refurbishment are invited to attend along with other interested parties to have a preview of the hall and feed in their suggestions for the finishing touches.

Please note:

the ramp?

The ramp will not be built prior to the hall re-opening on the 24th November whilst the Council is going through the legal process to install the table in the road and closure beneath the ramp. The scheme will not be considered finished until the ramp is installed. But provided the internal work is finished and the hall does not need to close again after the 24th for any finishing touches it will re-open. A decision has been made not to disadvantage existing users by keeping the building closed until the ramp is be fitted ( the ramp will not require closure for installation).

The official opening

An official opening fun event day is planned for the 8th of February with the theme ‘Love is all Around’ to tie in with Valentines Day. It is proposed that the Council will hire a stage for the event to showcase the light and sound system. Ideas are requested for performances by local groups and artistes. In addition it is proposed to have a valentines indoor market, and local  people are invited to suggest any thing else that they would like see or do at the hall on the fun day to bring the  community together at their refurbished Town Hall. The Libraries Service hopefully will be there with the Book Start Bear.


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